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Local Denver Running Coach Will Baldwin specializes in road races from the road mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and all the way up to the full marathon with a focus on athletes looking to get into trail running or set new PRs, and runners who have plateaued and need a jumpstart. Reach out to Coach Will today!

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My Story

In the rhythmic pursuit of excellence, I've been on a marathon of self-discovery, fueled by a passion for running that spans the miles. My journey, intricately woven with the wisdom imparted by remarkable coaches and mentors, has led me to a space where I not only run but coach others in the art of chasing their goals with relentless commitment.

As a seasoned running coach, I've had the privilege of guiding a myriad of athletes on their transformative journeys. For me, coaching transcends the stopwatch – it's about helping individuals run faster, not only against time but towards a version of themselves they aspire to be.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I took my first strides in high school, under the tutelage of a coach who believed in the alchemy of fun and doing things the right way. These guiding principles became the compass of my running philosophy, directing my path through cross country and track at East Central University.

I ended up running cross country and track in college at East Central University in Ada, OK. After college, I packed up everything I owned in my 97’ Ford Contour and drove out West.

Now I'm here in Colorado helpings runner full time!

Personalized, 1:1 coaching for athletes of any level

When you have an experienced coach who cares, there are no limits to where you can go

Weekly updated training schedule based on your goals and current fitness

Access to our integrated training platform

Detailed race planning including nutrition concepts for your goal event​

Ongoing communication via text, phone, email and app with your coach

Modified cross training, if needed

Exclusive discounts for nutrition and gear

Guidance from a coach ✓

Training backed by science ✓

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“When working with Will, you get way more than just a race plan with some nutrition advice. You get a thoughtful and creative schedule catered to your fitness and abilities that’s plenty flexible for what life throws at you. His approach is more like a partnership to get you to your goals, something that really resonated with me.”

Alex J.


My Philosophy

“Relationships over Transactions!” — that is my driving motivation as a coach. It's a philosophy I stole from Oklahoma head football coach Brent Venables. Coaching is about the people, community, and friendships. When we care about the people involved it raises the quality of our work to a whole new level.

As far as philosophies go, my biggest one is to coach the athlete you’re working with, including if that’s yourself.  Every runner is different and it’s incredibly helpful to use all your previous knowledge and experience, or to tap into your wealth of exercise science, but many runners are truly unique.  I can tell you a ton of stories of people executing strange and very different training plans that just worked really well for them, and they had a ton of success.  So first and foremost my philosophy is to listen and adapt to each specific person.  

Probably the number one thing we see when working with a new runner is that they often run everything at the same effort.  Not always the same pace but often a similar effort.  That effort is usually best described, by me, as kind of hard, and if I’m feeling good it's really hard.  Lots of coaches, running books, and other runners describe this as the grey zone. The gray zone is often at the bottom end of the aerobic threshold.  It regularly is as hard aerobically and cardiovascularly and true threshold work but isn’t fast enough to get the high end aerobic or the super important muscular system the type of stimulus we really want for the best adaptations.  The worst part is that running a lot in the grey zone is just as tiring and brings a similar amount of fatigue as true high end aerobic threshold work, without all of the benefits.  So it’s common to see folks working really hard training this way without big improvements or great racing results.  In comes polarity.  We slow down the easy days to get out of that low end aerobic threshold zone.  This gives us fewer waste products built up, (sometimes referred to as lactic acid) and leaves us feeling fresher and more energized for the next run.  We then insert some true harder days with specific targeted zones or paces.  This polarity, widening the gap between our easy and hard days, is foundational to my philosophy for training.


I became a certified run coach through VDOT and USATF in 2016. I've been a full time running coach since 2020. My 9-5 is helping runners run faster and better. I think there's a giant difference from a coach who does this as a side-gig and to a coach that coaching runners is their full time job.


I specialize in creating customized training plans – designed with an emphasis overall health, strength, and injury prevention. I will work *with you* on designing a plan that is unique to you! This means, a thorough discussion of goals, challenges, past race history, current fitness, the works. A solid foundation is important.

I've coached a lot of marathoners but I've also carved out a niche for folks who want to go back and forth from the roads to the trails!

Though I'm happy to work with any runner who is looking for a collaborative, supportive, and inclusive process, I specifically enjoy working with:

  • Athletes tat are dedicated and can run at least 3-5 times a week

  • Athletes that have a GPS watch

  • Athletes looking to set a new PR or take on a new race distance

  • Plateau runners (have you been stuck at the same pace or feel like you've peaked? Or burnt out? That was me for years. Let me help you break through it!)

LEVELS: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced TYPES: Road, Trail DISTANCES: 5k/10k/Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultras TRAINING PLATFORM: VDOT TRAINING PLAN: Individual, customized training plan COMMUNICATION: Unlimited email, unlimited text RESPONSE TIME: Within 24 hours LOCATION: Denver, CO & Boulder, CO IN-PERSON SESSIONS: Yes, within 30 mins of the Denver/Boulder area. Complimentary first session for local clients. Please reach out to Coach Will if interested. If you're in the greater Denver Metro Area and you're looking to stay healthy and run fast, look no further!

Racing History

Personal Running Records:

-5k (14:27)

-8k (24:18)

-10k (30:18)

-Half-Marathon (67:30)

-Marathon (2:21)

-50k trail (3:20)

-60k trail (4:36)

2023 Inducted into East Central University's Athletic Hall of Fame



USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification

VDOT O2 Certified Coach

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